What Kolton Said and Did

"Dadda I do - like you”. Sometimes he would add when I am a big boy if I said he could not help me with something.

Say to momma, when he was asked what flavour milk (his toddler formula) he wanted, hew would say “Chocolate or Strawberry”, we would have to ask him again, which one, not both.

As soon as I got home from work, or after supper he would ask. “You play me” or “You catch me” as he pushed inside his red car around the island in the kitchen. Sometimes he would ask to do flying baby as I chased him around the island.

We tried to teach him to never say the word “want”, I want a snack, we would correct him to say I would like a snack momma please.

Outside on the swing he would say I want a big push or faster or higher, or that’s enough dada.

Sometimes when mom dropped him off to mom and dads to do errands, he would say “mama you go buy milk”.

Supper time we would say take a big bite and he would say no a small bite, he ate slowly like you are suppose to. If he didn’t like something he would say “ it taste too goodie” or “no tanks, I no want it”

We would bribe him to say if you finish your supper like a good boy, you would get a treat. He would say “a trrreeat?”

Our “little TV” or “big tv” (down stairs). When downstairs he knew and could say what was the screen and projector. He also knew not to touch the rack or remotes. He would also say Uncle Joe took my TV. During the renovations he touched the remotes and we said no but he wanted to play with them, I had to give him a spank on the hands and for 2 days after he would say “daddy say no touch remotes”.

Playing hockey, he did a perfect forward and backhand shot with 2 hands, he would say dive on the ground and we would say why did you do that, he said that is what the goalie does. We would say no, stand and he would say “I am a player”.

High 5’s

Said his alphabet and counted up to 30 but skip 25-29 and missed 11.

Did cheers with his glass when we had company over or special dinners.

Sitting watching Treehouse with Nonno and asked you come play outside with me, then he would say I love you, to get him to come even more quickly.

Car- boats, cranes, city bus, school bus, looked for cars that looked like Fran’s grey civic or dad’s black pilot, papa’s car or Nonno van.

Going to the washroom with Dad, at church or Hilton in TO.

What clothes he did himself. He was learning to do his snaps on his pj’s, could put his shirt on, take his shoes off, take his jacket off and was learning to put his socks on and get his pants on himself.

“No I do it”

“whaaaat.” We think he learned this hearing Nonno say it.

He knew his full name..”Kolton Kyle Kawchuk”

He knew his address.. “ 82 Cherie Rd”

Started to learn his phone number, he would start with the 905 but couldn’t quite remember the rest of the number sequence on his own, I would explain to him that it was important to learn his phone number so that if he wanted someone to call him he would have to give them his phone number, ie. If he wanted Kezia to call him, he would have to tell her his phone number.

One day he said to me “ mamma, I have a boo-boo” when he pointed it out to me, it was a beauty mark, so I explained to him that it wasn’t a boo-boo, it’s called a beauty mark and it doesn’t go away, “ a booty mark?” he said as he looked at me funny

Watching tv downstairs on the projector, sometimes we would play together and often he would say “ momma, you spin me” wanting me to pick him up by the arms and spin him around so that when we would stop he would walk funny from spinning

He called Nonna Carmela, “Nonna Mella”.

Stephanie is going to have a baby like Felicia.

Here is the amote (remote) he would not touch them but get them for us. When he did not want watch Treehouse anymore he would push the top off button to turn off the tv.

He called a computer, umputer.

Could almost read the rescue books that we took to Mexico because we read them so often.

In the rescue heroes book there was a fire extinguisher, Kyle told Kolton that we had one in the garage, one day while Kyle was at work I showed Kolton our fire extinguisher. That night when Kyle came home, he told him that “momma show me the fire extinguisher”
Sometimes he would get a hold of my keys and push the automatic car lock button, this would cause the car to beep, from inside the house he would be pushing the button, laughing as the car beeped.

Once when we were in the garage, we accidentally hit the mustang and the alarm chirped, this frightened Kolton, Kyle quickly explained that it was just an alarm, demonstrated to him how it worked again by hitting the car so Kolton would be comfortable with the sound

Kolton enjoyed rides in the mustang, he would say, “Daddy go faster”

Sometimes when I drove around town, when he would see oncoming vehicles, he would say “watch out momma” and I would explain that they were on the other side of the street, that we each have our own side to drive on.

Last time we came home from church in the car, he heard a song on the radio, and he said, penguin movie. It was a prince song in the movie happy feet.

I’m Kolton not Holden.

When we would go around the subdivision for a walk, he would look for houses with a Canada Flag or with a lighthouse.

Sometimes when we would leave Nonno and Nonna’s house and he was already buckled into his seat I would ask him to blow a kiss to them and he would just make the sound with his mouth and not blow the kiss away with his hand

Kolton comments about a big pee-pee and when he gets to be a big boy

Baby Einstein movies he would say “ I wanna watch eynsteyn school bus song” which was the On the go Dvd

“momma say no”

One night at nana and papa’s he was outside “helping” Kyle and papa clean up the conversion van to get it ready to sell it. I was inside with mom and Felicia and sometimes he would come up to the front door to say something or get a drink. One time he came up to the front door and said “papa say no more tape” as he waived his index finger as he said it.

Remembering picking violets in the neighbors yard, one day he went to pick a dandelion instead and I said, no mommy doesn’t like dandelions, I like violets. A few days later while on his swing, he said to me, “mommy doesn’t like dandelions, only biolets”

One day we were getting ready to go out, as I was getting dressed, he was in our bedroom and he said to me, “mamma you look nice”

One day he asked for “pop”, “I wanna pop”, Kyle and I were confused, Kyle had asked me if he had any pop drinks that day that he wanted some now, I said no, he hadn’t. Then we realized that he was seeing the bubble wrap for shipping that you “pop” when you squeeze it and that’s what he wanted

Daddy I tooted, or Daddy you tooted. When he would toot, or burp, I would ask him “what do you say? And he would say “excuse me (scuse me)”

Teaching Kolton about being a good boy vs. bad boy and he would say “ I a good boy not a bad boy”

Sometimes he would say “when I a big boy like Jared”

Mustang magazines- he would sit and look at them while on the toilet as he was training and would flip through the pages and look at and say the different colours he saw and the different tires and wheels and smoke (moke)

The week before, we were all sick coming back from our trip to Windsor, so Kyle was coughing, “Daddy got cough, I got cough too.” I cough like daddy” no, Kyle would say, you don’t want to cough, Daddy cough because he is sick, every time Kyle would cough, Kolton would still imitate him. He had even learned to cover his mouth and cough in his arm instead of his hands.

“Daddy we go cut the lawn? “ he would ask even though they may have just cut it the night before and Kyle would have to explain that to him, that there was no lawn to cut that it was already nice and short but he would still ask if they could cut the lawn

When Kolton was shy or didn’t want to say something, he would tighten his lips and try to mumble something out of the side of his mouth

One night after supper, I was upstairs brushing my teeth and Kolton was in the bathroom with me, he looked at me and said, “momma, your hair messy”

When Kolton would see an airplane up in the sky he would say that they were going on “bacation to Lee’s house” I would ask him If he liked going on vacation with mommy, daddy and Felicia and if he’d want to go again, he’d say “yes, we go tomorrow mama”

Kolton would always watch out for the Garbage, Recycling and Compost trucks on garbage day to see them take it all away.

In the mornings as we got ready for a shower, I would ask him to take off his pjs and diaper. He understood that “ I put diaper in garbage and garbage man gonna take it”

I stated to teach him the days of the week, Monday- daddy goes to the office, then Tuesday is garbage day, and Daddy goes to the office, Wednesday –Daddy goes to the office, Thursday-Daddy goes to the office and Friday-Daddy goes to the office and then it’s “Saturday- Daddy stays home with Kolton and Sunday-Daddy stays home with Kolton, we go to church and see Adam and Matthew, then we go to Nonna Pat and Nonno Domenico’s house for pasta, have a nap then we go to Nana and Papa’s house for supper and play with Sasha their dog. 

Going through the car wash, he had gone twice, first time to Petro Canada on Welland and Bunting, then next at Canadian Tire on Welland Ave. Both times we took him out of his car seat and let him sit in the front seat so he could see the soap and sprayers as the Honda Pilot went through the car wash.

Going for walks with Felicia and Kolton on his bicycle, he would ask to go down the path of Walker’s creek and I would say, only when we walk with Daddy, not just with Mommy and Felicia

He would call his baby sister “Feesha” “Feesha crying” or Feesha, no cry, it’s ok Dolly” mimicking me as I would often call her Dolly or “what’s the matter Dolly”

Reading his rescue heroes books, first few times would say “hopistal” and I would correct him and teach him that it was hos-pi-tal, after a few tries, he got it

Taught Kolton to sing Happy Birthday, and the week before and after his birthday he would sing it to himself, even using the microphone piano mom and dad gave him for Christmas he would sing it to himself “happy birthday dear Kolton, happy birthday to you”

That week I had also taught him the Beatles “Birthday song”
Da, da,da,da, da,da, da, da Today is your birthday,
Da, da,da,da, da,da, da, da We’re gonna have a good time
Da, da,da,da, da,da, da, da Today is your birthday
Da, da,da,da, da,da, da, da Happy birthday

We sang it one day while on the swings and he said, “momma, you sing Da, Da, Birthday song”

Kolton knew all the neighbor’s at mom and Dad’s
“Zi Tannuch”
“Zi Carm”

In the mornings, after Kyle went to work, trying to get organized for the day ahead, I would say to him, after this show, we have a shower, ok Kolton, he would repeat it back to me “ After my show, then we have a shower, ok mamma”

Teaching him to share the TV and take turns, before Kyle would come home from work he would usually call when he was on his way so that I knew when to expect him. I would let Kolton know, after rescue pets, it’s mommy and daddy’s turn for Y&R, or when daddy comes home, we watch Y&R, he would sometimes repeat back “after my turn, it’s your turn, or no Y&R depending on his mood”

Remembering one time when Krista called around noon time and I was just getting lunch ready for Kolton and she could hear him in the background yelling “I want my peanut butter sandwich”

Kolton had his own piggy bank that Aunt Bev & Uncle Joe had given him at his baby shower. I was starting to teach him the different coins, we would look at each one and I would show him the animal on the coin and say the name of the coin, he knew the paper money was “a big money” Often I would leave coins on the ground for him to find, “look momma, I find a money” so we would go to his room and put the money into his piggy bank and he always wanted to shake it after he put the money in it. One time he found a money he said that he wanted to put it in Felicia’s piggy bank, I explained to him that if he put it in her piggy bank, he would have none for his own piggy bank, he said, “that’s ok mamma, I put in Felicia’s piggy bank”

Kolton would be in the front yard and would see people pass by as they went for a walk, he would loudly yell “hellooww” or when he saw Solange working in her garden across the street he would yell out to her as well

Remembering one night Kyle came home from work and said, wow, I’m pooped, and Kolton quickly said, “ Daddy, you poo-poo” and kyle explained that no, it just meant that he was tired, not that he needed to go poo

Remembering the times when Kyle was working on something in the basement or whatever, Kolton would imitate him and say “ I got work to do”

In the basement, we had our workout equipment/office set up, sometimes he would say “mamma go exercise” and he would come with me and pretend to do exercises with me or use his toy wrench to adjust the weights

Remembering Kolton on the toilet trying to poop, I would ask him if there was any poo-poo and would ask him to try, he would push and say “ no poo-poo coming” or would say excitedly “ poo-poo coming” sometimes he sat for a few minutes, I would ask If he was done and he’d say, “ no there’s more poo-poo” he always looked at the poop before he flushed and would comment “ biig poo-poos or little poo-poos” as he flushed, he would say “ by poo-poo”

Trying to teach him to pee in the toilet all the time, I would sit him down and say, come show me the pee- pee or come on mr. Pee-pee and he would repeat “ come on mr. pee-pee”

Going to bed at night, he would sometimes say “ I watch some hockey, then I go to bed” in order to stall us as he would usually go to bed between 9:30 to 10:00 pm

Sometimes he would wake up in the night, the week before he woke up calling me, “ momma, momma” when I got to his room, I asked him what was wrong, he said “ I can’t find my corbette”, I looked under his covers and under his bed and found that it had fallen down, I gave it back to him and said here it is, now go back to bed and he did

Remembering the time when the kids called and left a message for us as we were not home. Kezia came on the phone and asked Kolton what he was doing, that night when we got home Kolton replayed that message over and over again and every time he had a different answer, one time he would say that he was watching Treehouse, another time he would say he was playing with his toys, his cars or his trains, or would say he was talking on the phone.