Kolton's Favourite Toys

  • All his dinky cars, Corvette (Corbette), Mustang, Saleen, Porshe, Shelby
  • Called his BMW car the XYZ car
  • His Lightning McQueen dinky car, the new car Stephanie & Ahron got him along with Sheriff and the big car from Lou & Kae Anne and the kids
  • His Thomas the train track with lift bridge and crane, he had Thomas, James, Percy, Bill & Ben and the two Aquarium cars that Daddy brought back for him from his trip to Las Vegas in Jan/07
  • Loved his lawnmower and would always follow Kyle with it when he mowed the lawn
  • His swing set, enjoyed swinging and going down the slide
  • His red car that Krista gave him when he was little, he rode it around the kitchen island almost every day
  • His purple bicycle and the mickey mouse car at nonno’s house