Playing with his sister Felicia 

Help mom when changing Felicia on the change table, climbing up to the top, he would kiss her or talk to her.

He would push her while she was in her baby swing, she loved it

He would spin her in her exersaucer and show her how to play with the toys

One day I put Kolton in Felicia’s crib to take a picture of the two of them together, since that day, he would ask “I go in Feesha’s bed?” and I would have to explain that it was only to take a picture, not to play in

He would imitate me and call her “ Dowwie” (dollie), “what’s the matter dowwie”, “don’t cry dowwie” or “it’s ok dowwie”

Sometimes I would ask him what she was doing, he would say, “she ok” or “she sleeping” or “she smiling”

When I would be changing her in her room, he would be playing with his cars or trains and would make tracks in the carpet, all over the room to get my attention or sometimes would go and hide in our closet until I would find him or play with his trains in our bed and on top of the headboard, he said it was his track.

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